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1997 solo exhibition for the reopening of the "Landhotel Holsterfeld" (Emsland, Germany)

1998 Land Art at the coupling lock Meppen (Kulturnetzwerk Emsland)

1998 exhibition in Meppen town hall (painting and sculpture)

2003 Exhibition on the Tenth Anniversary of the Branch Library Medicine (Münster)

2008 Einelausstellung in the culture house in Fethiye / Antalya / Turkey

2008 - ongoing Annual participation in the collective exhibition in the Kulturhaus in Kaş / Antalya / Turkey

2011 Beşiktaş Cağdas-Istanbul Art Gallery (reception of the TAVAK Foundation)

2011 - ongoing traveling exhibition "Anadolu'ya Yolculuk" (trip to Anatolia) (previous stations: Sonsuz Şükran Köyü / Çumra (Konya), Ordu, Trabzon, Batman, Çorum, Mersin, Gaziantep, Mardin)


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