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Kazaziye - silver and silk dance between the Black Sea coast of Turkey


"Kazaziye" comes from Trabzon on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Silver jewelery is completely handmade by twisting predominantly silver as well as gold wire and silk or nylon threads together and then interlacing them. Jewelry is made with great care compared to traditional models and consists of very fine (0.08 micron) 995 and 999 carat gold and silver wires twisted onto silk or nylon wire. During the manufacture of gold and silver wires, silk and nylon threads are captured and wound. As a result, the thickness of a fully wound wire reaches 03-05 mm. As with all handmade products, the production of jewelery requires great care, technical skill and experience. The final gem is the result of a long and hard work. This means that each piece is unique and product specifications (dimensions, weight, etc.) can differ ± 3% from the original model.

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