Anatolian Cultures 

The Anatolian Cultures Series developed during 2011 and 2014, in the course of a travelling exhibition series named "Voyage to Anatolia" that started at the 3rd Gratitude to Anatolia Festival in the Village of Eternal Gratitude close to Konya, Turkey.


The two Antalya/Kas - based Artists Marlis Diemont ( and Leyla Cansiz co-produced this series and resembled important symbols of Anatolian Culture, such as the "Şahmaran", a mythical figure that is half women, half snake, that originates from the regions of Tarsus and Mardin, the "Chimaera", a figure that can be traced in different locations, among them in the old ancient city of Olympos on the Lycian coast.     

Şahmaran Red
yellow shahmaran
steele blank2
lycian white
lycia steele
lycian black
Chimaera Orange
lycian grave
kybele yellow
little shahmaran
lycia steele 3
lycia steele 2
lycia mix steele
chimaera orange looks left
chimaera light blue
chimaera in the clouds
chimaera blue looks right
chimaera blue looks left
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